Badge Clock

A simple digital clock add-on for your Chrome browser’s top toolbar

A simple digital clock

The Badge Clock extension really does only one thing: provide a glanceable digital clock in the top toolbar of your Chrome web browser.

A handful of customizations

Badge clock offers just a couple of tweaks. You can make the eyes static, or glance left and right with the seconds. You can make the colon blink, or not. You can use 24-hr time if you prefer it to AM/PM.

Requires few permissions

Badge Clock saves your preferences locally. It doesn’t need access to your profile, to any pages you visit, or any information about you. Here is our privacy policy for extensions.

A badge is the element in a chrome extension which adds a number overlay onto the extension’s icon in the toolbar. Badges are typically used to show unread email count, etc. Here, the badge is really the only functional element of the extension, providing a digital clock.

If you use Chrome in full screen, or use Windows Taskbar or Mac dock in auto-hide mode, you might not be able to see the OS clock. Badge Clock keeps simple digital time in your direct line of sight, and uses very few resources to do it.

  1. After installation, pin the extension.
  2. Drag it to where you like it in the toolbar.
  3. Click on the extension’s icon to set your preferences.
  4. Toggle Animated Eyes off if you find them distracting.
  5. Toggle Blinking Colon off if you find it distracting.
  6. Toggle 24-hour time on if you don’t like AM/PM style.

This extension does not ask for unnecessary permissions. It doesn’t track you. It doesn’t save any information about you. You can right click on the extension icon in your toolbar, to see exactly what information it can read from your browser. For more details, read our detailed terms of use and privacy policy.

This extension requests the User Activity permission, which Google says can mean “For example: network monitoring, clicks, mouse position, scroll, or keystroke logging”.  Sounds scary, but actually Badge Clock just needs to know: a) when you clicked the extension icon, so it can open the settings popup; b) when you select options, so it can save them; c) when you click the shortcut key, so it can launch the extension.

When installing Badge Clock some users may see “This extension is not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing”. This is only because we’re new to the Chrome Web Store. Google says: “For new developers, it generally takes a few months to become trusted.”  More details in Google’s Enhanced Safe Browsing FAQ.

Copyright 2024 Garage Rocket, all rights reserved. Use and enjoy, but please don’t copy or redistribute!

If you don’t find what you need in this FAQ or our extension privacy policy, please contact us.

We are grateful for your ideas, suggestions and problem reports! For maximum transparency, we use Chrome Web Store’s built-in support portal. It’s at the bottom of this extension’s store listing, in a section called Support.

  1. Add a couple of different animated icons, for people that don’t like the glancing eyes.
  2. Add the option to remove icon entirely in use, and just have a badge.
  3. Add badge and text coloring options.
  • 0.0.5: fixed a bug where, occasionally on laptop resume from sleep or other long periods of inactivity, clock is stopped/stuck.
  • 0.0.3: updated in-store documentation and screenshots, adding license in readme.
  • 0.0.2: initial public release.
  • Upcoming: Color options for badge and text
    Change the badge color, and the text color, to suit your tastes!
  • Upcoming: Animated icon options
    For people who don’t like the cartoon eyes, add some other animated icon options!
  • Upcoming: Option to hide the toolbar icon
    What about no icon at all, just a badge? Nothing simpler!
  • Feb ’24: Initial public release
    The basic glancing-eyes badge clock, bugs and all!

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