Top Rocket

This Chrome extension adds a back-to-top button on every web site!
Includes a reading progress indicator, and some cute animation too!

Back to top on every site!

Top Rocket provides an Action Button (the extension icon) that scrolls to the top of the current page. It also offers an overlay in the bottom corner of each page, which is a back to top button and also a nicer reading progress indicator.

A button overlaid on each page

Top Rocket places a convenient translucent back-to-top button overlay on top of whatever web page you’re visiting.

Reading progress around the button

Top Rocket’s overlay button also includes a nice clear reading progress estimate, that updates as you scroll.

Animation options

When you click either the on-page or Action header Top Rocket buttons, you can have the rocket vibrate, belch flames, builds momentum, then scroll the page smoothly to the top.

Requires few permissions

Top Rocket needs to be able to see and edit every page you visit, in order to insert the rocket function. It also needs access to your logged-in session storage, in order to save your Top Rocket preferences . It doesn’t track the pages you visit, or anything you do, or share anything with anyone else. Here is our privacy policy for extensions.

Top Rocket adds a back-to-top overlay at the bottom corner of every website. It works on most types of pages. You can also use just the action button, if you prefer. The overlay also includes a reading progress indicator, and some cute animation.

Back to top, and reading progress, are both useful features. Chrome includes a Top shortcut, but it’s nice to be able to just use the mouse when you are already browsing with it. And reading progress gives you a very simplified but glanceable estimate of how far along you are in a piece of content.

  1. After installation, pin the extension.
  2. Drag it to where you like it in the toolbar.
  3. Right-click on the extension’s icon, or most pages, to set your preferences.
  4. Turn the overlay off (and just use the action button or the included shortcut key to get to top).
  5. Switch the overlay from the default lower left corner, to the right.
  6. Turn off the liftoff shake animation, if you want to get rocketing a second faster.
  7. Use a shortcut key to hide the overlay on the current web page, until next load.
  8. Use another shortcut key to rocket to top without clicking either button.
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This extension does not ask for unnecessary permissions. It needs access to the pages you visit, to add the back to top overlay on them. It saves your configuration preferences to your profile. It doesn’t track or save your browsing or actions. You can right click on the extension icon in your toolbar, to see exactly what information it can read from your browser. For more details, read our detailed terms of use and privacy policy.

Copyright 2024 Garage Rocket, all rights reserved. Use and enjoy, but please don’t copy or redistribute!

If you don’t find what you need in this FAQ or our extension privacy policy, please contact us.

We are grateful for your ideas, suggestions and problem reports! For maximum visibility, we use Chrome Web Store’s built-in support portal. It’s at the bottom of this extension’s store listing, in a section called Support.

  • 0.0.3: Adds a link in the extension’s context-click menu to its shortcuts setup panel. Corrects FAQ and privacy notifications on Chrome Web Store to reflect that this extension does no tracking of any kind, ever!
  • 0.0.2: initial public release includes action button, rocket overlay, reading progress, animated effects, and preferences syncing to your other PCs.
  • Upcoming: add rocket-noise option
    Why not some rumbling? 🙂
  • Upcoming: shake whole page during liftoff
    Right now, the rocket shakes during liftoff, but it would be fun to shake the whole page a little!
  • May ’24: Initial public release
    Animated rocket back-to-top overlay works on most sites. Action button. Shortcut keys. Reading progress indicator. Cute animations. Works on Mac too. Syncs your preferred settings between your browsers.

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